After Her Fiance Cheated, This Bride-To-Be Saved Her Revenge For Their Wedding

Like plenty before it, this is a story about a young couple who spent many happy years together before taking the next step – only to have it be their last. Before the groom-to-be decided to pop the question, they were both quite certain that marriage was the right move. They loved each other and trusted each other, having been through many things together during the years that seemed to keep bringing them closer. But unfortunately, the promise of forever feels like too much for some people – and they get the sudden urge to do something that will jeopardize the relationship they believed would last a lifetime. Such was the case for Alex and his fiancee, Susan.

Meant To Be

As a couple, Alex and Susan had been together for many years, during which they fell in love, made beautiful memories, and went through all the best and worst of times supporting each other unconditionally.

They shared every thought and feeling with each other, and even their families – who became close through the two lovebirds – believed that their love was meant to be. The last thing Susan expected to receive the day before her wedding was an anonymous message about her marriage.

They Were Truly Happy

After six happy years together, Alex finally decided it was time for them to take the next step – and when he popped the question to Susan, she already knew her answer was yes.

Then the two of them couldn’t be more excited to start planning their wedding, and their families were excited too – they’d been waiting for this moment for years. As they began to brainstorm ideas, their families had quite a few opinions to offer…

Wedding Planning Party Of Two

As much as Alex and Susan cherished their families, their wedding was something they wanted to plan themselves; it was their big day, and they wanted all of it to be a reflection of each other and their relationship together.

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They found that they were almost totally on the same page, too: they both wanted to keep the wedding traditional, and extend invitations to just about everyone who had been a part of their journey together.

Everything Was Going As Planned

Getting a wedding together is no easy task, and no cheap bill, either. Especially a traditional wedding like Alex and Susan’s. Finding wedding supplies, choosing a cuisine, buying the dress and tux, and hiring a DJ – they all come with quite a receipt.

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But combined with finding a space that would fit their large guest list and enough food to feed them all, you can imagine quite the hole in their wallet. But, they were determined to pull it off.

The Planning Brought Them Even Closer

Fortunately, Alex and Susan were able to. After months of comparing, compromising, planning, and witnessing their plan come to fruition, there wedding was totally ready to go.

The process hadn’t been easy, but according to Susan, she really felt like it had brought them closer together – to share this dream and make it a reality. It was just about time for the wedding to happen. But first, they had to decide how they would spend their last night of the engagement.

One Last Night Of Freedom

Knowing they would soon be man and wife and spend the rest of their lives together, they decided to celebrate the success of their plans and budgeting with some of their closest friends – but separately, rather than together, giving them time to get excited for the wedding all over again.

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Susan knew she would spend that whole night looking forward to seeing her future husband, and Alex was sure he would feel the same way…but in the end, he would surprise even himself.

Celebrations Were In Order

Alex and Susan felt so close that they even shared their separate plans for the night with each other – they had to admit, it felt a little bit weird that they wouldn’t be doing it together.

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But, they figured, they had the rest of their lives for that. So Alex planned a night out with his friends, and Susan decided to book a hotel for herself and a few of her closest friends, and celebrate in true bachelorette style.

Susan Reflects For A Moment

While Alex was meeting his friends, Susan went off alone to meet hers, and the thought hit her for the first time that there was no turning back.

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She knew it was a big decision, but truly felt that it was the right one. In fact, she couldn’t even imagine her life without Alex. Later on, it would feel a bit ironic how this thought had been okay with her just hours before the storm hit.

Then The Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties Began

By the time Susan met up with her friends, all of those thoughts were far out of sight and mind. Her bridesmaids greeted her with drinks and showered her with love, truly believing that their dear friend had found a great partner who was going to love and take care of her forever.

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It was truly a reason to celebrate! They kept her up late into the night with drinks, conversation, and silly songs and jokes flowing into tomorrow.

An Unexpected Text Appeared

The girls had made quite a mess of their room and themselves, and in order to go to bed feeling a little more ready for the big day, they insisted that Susan get showered while they cleaned up the room.

Then, they switched spots, leaving the bride-to-be to get a head start on sleep with some peace and quiet. As Susan was left talking to just one of her friends, her phone jingled unexpectedly – and she couldn’t have been less prepared for what it said.

Nothing But Bad News

Susan noticed first that the number was private, and then immediately wondered who was trying to contact her at such a late hour that she didn’t know.

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As she wondered what in the world could be in the series of messages, a bad feeling came over her. But as she went ahead and opened them, her heart dropped completely in her stomach…there was her fiancee – but he wasn’t dressed, and he was far from being alone.

A Disheartening Announcement

Susan could barely believe what she was looking at. The man she’d been madly in love with for years, who had asked her to marry him, was here in multiple indecent pictures with the same woman – and it didn’t look like it was only one time.

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To make everything more clear, the mysterious sender had included screenshots of their messages together, which gave away Alex’s infidelity, secrecy, and guilt. She even saw him in the same outfit as just a few days ago.

Susan Couldn’t Stop Her Tears

As Susan scrolled through all of the messages trying to come to terms with what she was seeing, the tears started to fall – and her friend knew immediately that something was wrong. She tried asking Susan, putting her arms around her to let her know that everything was okay…but it wasn’t.

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Susan couldn’t get the words out that she knew she needed to say, so she just showed her friend the text messages, which read: “I wouldn’t marry him. Would you?”

A Ruined Relationship

Susan kept trying to figure out what to do, even though she knew there was only one thing to do. The decision wasn’t really hers to make anymore – Alex had already made it for both of them.

But the shock was still too strong for her to think clearly. Of all the times to find out this unbelievable information, the night before (and practically the morning of) her wedding was by far the worst time. Life as she knew it seemed over. 

Susan Was Overcome With Pain

Susan struggled with a question that wouldn’t seem to leave her alone: how could she have let someone ruin her life like that? Blinded by the news and her own tears, she just couldn’t see past the pain of this situation to a place where things would ever be okay again.

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Her friends were saying over and over that it wasn’t her fault, but she still somehow felt responsible for having trusted someone so untrustworthy so much.

Susan Felt The Need To Blame Someone

Despite what her friends kept repeating, Susan was a bit too overwhelmed to understand it. All she knew was that she was in a mess that no one else had forced her into – she had even walked right into it.

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It seemed like Alex would say nothing and go on pretending that everything was okay, which meant that the course of action was hers to decide. It made her even more hesitant to believe what she had seen.

Coming To Terms

But the truth was right there in her phone, and deep down she knew it. This wasn’t just an informative text telling her that something was wrong.

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She had in her hand an entire saga of an affair that had clearly been going on for a while: proof in pictures, incriminating conversations – even the anonymous sender’s judgment. It was a truly brutal way to get bad news, which is why she just needed some time to process the truth – but unfortunately, she didn’t have it.

The Clock Was Ticking

As the clock ticked on and she wandered around the hotel aimlessly, her shock turned into an unforgivable feeling of betrayal.

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The person she had trusted the most had broken her trust in the worst possible way. Her friends began planning their revenge on Alex on Susan’s behalf, but she realized if she wanted to feel better at all, she would need to exact the revenge herself – just as soon as she figured out the rest of her life.

At Dawn, It Dawned On Her

Her friends gently reminded her that the wedding hour was drawing near, wondering what she was going to do about it. Through the fog of shock, heartbreak, and disappointment, Susan had finally come to one conclusion: she did not want to spend the rest of her life with her cheating fiancee.

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Although it was hard to rely entirely on those texts for the truth, she realized two very important things from them that helped her decide she wouldn’t be marrying Alex that day…

No Excuse Good Enough

The first thing she realized was that despite not yet hearing his side of the story, there was no possible explanation that could excuse what he did enough to make her marry him. And this led to the next even bigger realization: he hadn’t offered her one.

ad Alex regretted what he did enough to tell her himself and apologize, she may have found some understanding or forgiveness in her heart. But he had both cheated AND lied about it. And that was unforgivable.

The Morning Drew Nearer

Though Susan had decided she and Alex would not be tying the knot, she still had a huge problem on her plate. What to do about the wedding?

She didn’t want to cancel it altogether – they had spent a fortune on their big day, and their friends and family had also made a huge and probably costly effort to attend it. Thinking about all of the time and money that had gone into planning, she felt the pain flood back in.

Already Dreaming Of Divorce

On the other hand, she knew she couldn’t let herself legally marry her traitor of a fiancee for the sake of a planned wedding, just to turn around and have months worth of divorce paperwork hanging over her head…that sounded miserable.

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Her friends tried to comfort her by saying she had every right to cancel the wedding, and nobody could possibly hold it against her; infidelity is considered to be inexcusable by most people, and her friends and family would no doubt support her.

He Could Figure It Out Himself

Still, her friends didn’t want her to have to go through the pain of facing Alex in front of all of those people, and encouraged her to call the day off altogether.


Wouldn’t it be somewhat satisfying to let Alex figure out on his own what had happened, long after it was too late? But as so many people can relate to, Susan couldn’t quite feel like any of this was real until she saw him again with her own eyes.

Struck With An Idea

The truth was, she was terrified of seeing him again. But she knew it was something she had to do – after the years she’d spent with Alex in anticipation of this day, she couldn’t simply walk away from it all without a backward glance.

She walked over to her wedding closet, touching her dress, the hem of her veil, and all of the jewelry she should soon be putting on for her wedding that was completely ruined. Then she got an idea. 

The Idea Becomes A Plan

Her friends watched her moving towards her wedding day apparel, worried she was thinking about getting married to Alex after all.

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They couldn’t have been more surprised when they heard her tell them that she was, in fact, going to the wedding, but would not be getting married. But she needed them to trust her, she needed their cooperation for the day, and she especially needed their help getting into her dress and ready to go.

A Little Help From Friends

Susan’s friends agreed to pretend like nothing had happened, but wished she would tell them what she was planning. After such a long night, one that seemed like it would never end for Susan, all of the girls were quite tired.

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Susan’s eyes hadn’t closed at all during the night, and she still could hardly believe what was going on. But all she had to do was look at the texts in her phone to remind her that the situation was very real.

Perfect Wedding Weather

As the sun came up, Susan struggled to come to terms with what had already happened and what was still to come. What was meant to be one of the best days of her life had only brought her more pain than she ever knew was possible, and the contrast was impossible to ignore. But morning was here, and there was no time left to think the issue over, or reconsider her plan. Instead, she focused on picturing how the day would go. 

It’s Go Time

Susan knew that she was going to have to lie her way through most of the ceremony if her plan was going to succeed. Alex wasn’t arriving until much later, and while it would be easier to deal with all of her feelings without him there, the thought of the long wait ahead exhausted her.

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But it was time to go – so she and her tired friends walked out of the hotel toward the reception, feeling like they were in a bad dream.

Wearing A Straight Face

As all of their friends and family began to gather gradually throughout the morning, Susan cringed at the good times being shared by all of the people in the unsuspecting crowd – people who had also believed in their relationship, and who would very soon be disappointed, just like Susan was.

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But although that pain was like a knife in her heart, Susan suddenly realized that she was grateful to get out of a relationship with a cheater and a liar.

Walking Down The Aisle

It wasn’t long before Alex joined everyone at the reception, and Susan focused all of her efforts on keeping a straight face and hiding her true feelings from him. She only had a little longer to get through before the truth would join the party. Everybody sat down for the reception and Susan joined her dad behind the aisle, bracing herself for what was coming next. At this point, she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer – while everyone mistook them for tears of joy. 

Meeting At The Altar

Susan had to hold onto her nerves for her dear life as she walked down the aisle towards Alex, who still seemed to have no idea. When she got there, she was horrified to find him smiling at her as though everything were the same…if he had always looked at her this way, she immediately wondered if he had always been cheating. But she wouldn’t bother to ask someone who already wasn’t honest. And just like that, her resolve came back with a bang. 

It Was The Real Moment Of Truth

As Alex went on saying his vows, Susan didn’t hear a word – she was deafened by the den of her own anger and pain. The shock of finding out what had been happening, images, text messages and all, was nothing compared to the shock of watching Alex look into her eyes and lie to her through his teeth. She gripped her phone tighter and furiously took the microphone from his hand, and said to the crowd, “There will be no wedding today.” 

A Shock Fell Over The Crowd

She could hear the crowd gasp and begin to mutter, looking around them to find confused faces in every direction. She couldn’t bear to look at it.

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As soon as she looked back at Alex, she could tell he had figured out something was wrong as soon as she reached for the mic in his hands, a little more aggressively than usual. The time was now or never – and she opened her phone and all of the incriminating content inside of it.

The Crowd Gets A Different Story

Needing no further preface, Susan slowly and carefully began to read the entire contents of what had been shared with her aloud to the whole hall.

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She spared no detail, just as no detail had been spared for her. The expressions of their parents were no doubt the hardest to stomach; Alex’s parents were crestfallen with disappointment and shame, while Susan’s parents looked ready to murder her former fiance. The crowd was no doubt uncomfortable as well, but Susan wasn’t finished.

A Celebration Of Honesty

As the crowd gaped on, wondering what to do with this information, Susan assured them she had a point. She went on to explain a little bit more about her morning – finding out and processing the information, and then deciding what to do about it.

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She admitted that she hadn’t slept, was miserable, and still wondered if she’d made the right choice – and maybe she always would. But she wanted her not-wedding to be a “celebration of honesty.”

rue Love Would Wait

To Susan, the celebration was for the journey of finding the right person to marry – and leaving behind the wrong ones. It was that moment that Alex, seemingly only then realizing that he was still there, decided he no longer should be – and ran for the hills, leaving his parents in quite an awkward situation.

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But whatever they would say to him later, they made sure to give Susan their complete support. Everyone else seemed to as well. Then Susan realized what she needed most…

Time To Move On

At that point, what Susan needed most was her own support. After feeling like she was doing everything wrong, she decided now was a more important time than ever to trust herself – deciding on a plan for herself without any reassurance, and asking her friends to trust her.

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She knew that she still wanted to find love, and even though it comes with no guarantees, others had managed to achieve it – and so could she. It was time to start over.

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