Awful Lady Yells At Girl For Selling Candy. But Then Another Customer Comes To Her Rescue!

An older lady came along and clearly thought there was something wrong with this. She could have simply walked by, refusing to buy any candy. That’s her choice. But, what does she do instead? She starts yelling at the girl. She’s nasty and insulting and certainly outside the boundaries of what is decent, polite, and kind. She takes it so far that the young girl starts to cry. That’s when another patron, Jay Lopez, steps in and comes to the girl’s rescue.

“I’m buying it all,” the man says, referring to the candy. “I’m gonna buy it all, and I’m gonna give it away to all these people. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

It was such a relief when Jay came along, certainly for the kids and for anyone watching the video. It’s hard for me to understand how and why this woman could be so mean. How did she go her entire life and remain this ignorant? Though I’ll never understand her deplorable actions, I’m thankful for men like Jay who are willing to step up, defend, and speak for people in situations like these.


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