A Construction Worker Found A Baby Girl In The Trash. 20 Years Later, She Gets A Surprising Visitor.

She was later adopted, and her adopted mother, Sandi, saved news clippings from the time following her rescue. Though Mary Grace, named Morgan after her adoption, knew that she was adopted, she was 20 years old before her mother told her the entire story. Never knowing that she was rescued from a dumpster by a construction worker, she lived a relatively normal life, enjoying all of the things that young girls should.

When Morgan was finally told the story of her rescue, she responded with gratitude. In the video, she shares her feelings with a reporter. Not surprisingly, she becomes quite emotional when describing her feelings after learning about her unique history. It’s difficult to imagine how she must have felt, knowing that she had been left for dead and that there was someone out there who had saved her life. She stated in the interview how much she would love to meet her rescuer, and as she is distracted, an elderly man enters the view of the camera. Finally, Morgan gets her wish. She’s able to thank the person who saved her and the reason she received a second chance at life. Watch the video for their amazing, heartwarming reunion.

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